Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

NaviSite’s Managed Cloud Services (MCS), NaviCloud Dynamic Compute, provide enterprises with on-demand, scalable provisioning of IT services including applications, messaging and collaboration, servers, storage, and networks. The NaviCloud platform offers unique advantages that tap into the core of NaviSite’s application and enterprise infrastructure management expertise.


NaviSite Managed Cloud Services (MCS) offer you a robust, virtualized infrastructure deployed as multiple, secure clouds hosted in NaviSite's data centers. The NaviCloud platform enforces security, privacy, and integrity of your applications and data.

Move and manage your applications in a production-ready cloud computing environment. With NaviSite MCS, your enterprise IT organization can run Oracle® and Microsoft® applications in a scalable, on-demand, cost-effective cloud.

NaviCloud® Sphere is NaviSite’s enterprise-class cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution.

NaviSite’s Newest Infrastructure-as-a-Service Solution Today’s business applications require the speed and efficiency of a dynamic cloud while retaining many of the needs of a traditional datacenter. NaviCloud Director gives you the ability to quickly build your application, scale it up, scale it down as well as connect it to existing physical or virtual environments. Complimented by NaviSite’s comprehensive suite of enterprise-class managed solutions, NaviCloud Director gives you the flexibility to pay for and design exactly what you need.

NaviSite, in conjunction with our partner, Alert Logic, a leading provider of Security-as-a-Service solutions for the cloud, offers simplified managed security solutions.

Enterprise-class cloud storage is about leveraging a flexible, scalable, secure, and reliable solution to manage increasing volumes of enterprise data. NaviSite’s storage services go far beyond traditional approaches to meet the storage and data access demands of enterprise organizations.

Case Studies

CGSC chose to partner with NaviSite because of their flexible cloud computing and managed service solutions. NaviSite’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service and managed application services enabled greater sharing of information, driving a deeper understanding of their clients needs and allowed CGSC to deliver the best products and services to their customers.