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NaviCloud AppCenter: Your Portal Into a Better Managed Cloud

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The need for management tools is critical when it comes to managing a complex infrastructure of multi-tier enterprise applications. With many interdependencies to manage, it is important to provide users with a platform that enables operations to configure, modify, decommission, and clone their cloud resources with speed and agility. For this reason, we built NaviSite’s infrastructure-as-a-service solution, NaviCloud, from the ground up, enabling customers to choose from either a fully managed or self-managed offering via our flexible, easy to use portal – AppCenter. The AppCenter cloud management portal helps customer accelerate the deployment and ease the management of their cloud environments—providing more flexibility and stronger controls for building and managing complex IT environments.

We recently created a demo to look at some of the features of the AppCenter portal and how it is easy to create, manage, and evolve an environment.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the features and functions:  

  • Server Creation: Through AppCenter’s easy to use,  interface users have the ability to cluster and catalog servers using groups and subgroups allowing users to categorize environments any way they like –by application, by server type or by business unit. This feature enables users to create and tailor new environments much more rapidly and efficiently, improving productivity and time to market.


  • Assortment of OS System Templates: The AppCenter portal is equipped with an assortment of templates— various flavors of Windows and Linux OS operating systems – that can be used to create a VM and select various parameters of the server’s environment such as the number of CPU’s, amount of memory required, and disk size.


  • User Mapping and Controls: AppCenter’s roles based access is a key differentiator for NaviSite, as it gives IT administrators the ability to control what sections of the user interface individuals or groups  can see. Workflows can also be setup with different approval steps to control what tasks groups and individuals are allowed to complete.


  • Airlock Interface Feature:  Users have the ability to take a VM to Airlock –an isolated VLAN within the cloud platform – isolating and protecting the server from any other server or customers in that environment. Airlock allows for deeper administrative VM access , where configuration changes can be made, diagnostics can be run, and images can be imported..

AppCenter’s Resource instrumentation addresses the issues of scalability and elasticity during high demand levels or reductions in workload, enabling customers to efficiently manage VM usage at a very granular level.  Through the AppCenter portal, users are able to see the aggregate of all consumed resources across those servers in the environment and generate a visual display of the consumed resources (i.e.: CPU, memory, bandwidth, etc.) within a given time period.  Additionally, NaviSite only charges customers for the resources they’ve actually consumed regardless of the number of VMs they have built, versus other cloud providers that might charge per virtual machine. 

NaviCloud’s AppCenter portal is a critical tool in NaviSite’s arsenal of IaaS solutions and truly demonstrates the benefits of working within the NaviCloud platform.