NaviSite’s video library speaks to an evolving variety of cloud computing and IT topics. Through the exploration of product demos and tutorials, walkthroughs of NaviSite’s facilities, customer success stories and recorded discussions, viewers can augment their understanding of cloud computing and managed IT services and learn how a relationship with NaviSite may strengthen their organization.

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NaviSite Cloud Onboarding and Migration: Transitioning Legacy Systems to NaviCloud Self-Service Cloud

NaviSite Cloud Onboarding and Migration Services

Transitioning to the cloud can be daunting. To better enable customers to migrate their legacy environments to NaviCloud Self-Service Cloud with ease, NaviSite offers multiple Cloud Onboarding and Migration resources and services, including Self-Service Cloud Onboarding, Guided Cloud Onboarding and Managed Cloud Migration. 

Inside NaviSite's Syracuse, NY Data Center

Inside NaviSite's Syracuse, NY Data Center

NaviSite's Syracuse, New York data center has more than 8,260 square feet of secure space, which includes locking cabinets and cages, with roof space also available. There are multiple on-network carriers to choose from and regularly tested, redundant battery and generator power backups.

Meet the Experts Behind NaviCloud: NaviSite's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Platform

Meet the Experts Behind NaviCloud: NaviSite’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Platform

Choosing a cloud provider is more than just choosing the underlying platform. NaviSite's experts will work with you to understand your unique needs and business requirements. In this video, meet some of the key experts that enable NaviSite's NaviCloud cloud services solutions--from the director of cloud engineering to solution architects and beyond.

NaviSite Explains Proximity: Our Streamlined, Primary Customer Portal

NaviSite Explains Proximity: Our Streamlined, Primary Customer Portal

Proximity, NaviSite’s newest customer portal, is designed to boost transparency and make key information and functionality readily accessible. As the primary customer interface for NaviSite customers, Proximity is the best place from which to monitor and manage your NaviSite relationship. Find out more about the portal in this brief video.

Hybrid Cloud: Is It Right for Your Business? | NaviSite

Hybrid Cloud: Is It Right for Your Business?

Hybrid cloud strategies are quickly becoming the preferred infrastructure model for enterprises seeking agility and efficiency. In this short video interview, NaviSite’s Chris Patterson talks about the benefits that hybrid clouds offer businesses, the impact on IT planning, and what you need to consider in choosing a provider. (Hint: Choose a provider that can act on a moment’s notice without forcing  you to jump through contractual hoops).

NaviSite's NaviCloud Director: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Platform Demo

NaviSite's NaviCloud® Director: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Platform Demo

NaviSite’s NaviCloud® Director, is a scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform that helps take the guesswork out of IT utilization. The platform makes it easy to extend your environment into the Cloud by providing virtualized servers, storage, memory and bandwidth, on a predictable, OpEx model. This brief demo video illustrates some of the platform's key features and highlights.

Inside NaviSite's Santa Clara, CA Data Center

Inside NaviSite's Santa Clara, CA Data Center

NaviSite's Santa Clara data center is composed of three standalone data halls, which meet Tier 3 and SSAE-16 standards and are thoroughly secured by on-site staff and dual authentication, monitored 24/7 by redundant Network Operation Centers.

NaviSite Santa Clara Data Center Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Santa Clara Data Center Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

NaviSite and Time Warner Cable (TWC) leaders, partners and customers come together for the ribbon cutting and grand opening of NaviSite's newest, state-of-the-art data center in Santa Clara, California.

Inside NaviSite's Andover, MA Data Center

Inside Our Andover, MA Data Center

NaviSite's Andover, MA data center is a high-performance environment for applications and mission critical data. Systems are monitored 24/7 by redundant Network Operation Centers and secured by dual authentication, constant surveillance and on-site staff.

Customer Success Story: Red Roof Inn | NaviSite

Red Roof Inn Case Study

Through its partnership with NaviSite, Red Roof Inn was able to efficiently virtualize its IT infrastructure, maintain comprehensive front-end and back-end guest services while allowing for the flexibility to scale up and down as demanded by the market.

ASOS Customer Case Study | NaviSite

ASOS Case Study

Hear how ASOS chose to partner with NaviSite to help support the companies rapid global expansion, leveraging cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) and cloud desktop services (DaaS).

AAA Case Study | NaviSite

AAA Case Study

Hear how NaviSite is working with AAA of Western & Central NY for increased reliability and dependability to better service their members, leveraging application services and cloud infrastructure services (IaaS).

Customer Success Story: FashionGPS | NaviSite

Fashion GPS Case Study

Learn how Fashion GPS delivered a secure, consistent, reliable service to their clients during some of their busiest times using NaviSite’s colocation services.

Customer Success Story: TCS | NaviSite

Customer Success Story: TCS

TCS, affinity card and gift card processor, leverages NaviSite and its partner CloudShape to deliver a Software-as-a-Service solution to its customers.

Customer Success Story: Cooper Gay Swett & Crawford | NaviSite

Cooper Gay Swett & Crawford Case Study

Discover how NaviSite’s flexible approach to hosting and application services helped CGSC set up a global communications and infrastructure platform for greater business agility and improved performance.

Avant Partner Testimonial | NaviSite

Partner Success Story: Avant

A NaviSite partner success story - "It's about committing to the channel with a cloud portfolio of services."

Partner Testimonial: CloudShape | NaviSite

Partner Success Story: CloudShape

Private cloud managed services provider CloudShape discusses its partnership with NaviSite, and how this relationship has supported their new business growth.

Partner Testimonial: Zensar Technologies | NaviSite

Partner Success Story: Zensar Technologies

NaviSite and Zensar Technologies are working together to leverage each others' expertise to support clients looking to evolve their businesses through cloud-based managed services.

NaviSite and VMware Partner Video

Partner Success Story: NaviSite and VMware

NaviSite CTO, Dave Grimes, and VMware Director, Jim Aluotto, discuss the long-standing partnership between these two innovative organizations. Leveraging premier technologies and dedicated, expert service, VMware and NaviSite work to elevate the standard for modern corporate cloud computing and virtualization.

Customer Success Story: GloStream | NaviSite

Partner Success Story: GloStream

GloStream, self-proclaimed doctor-friendly EMR Software-as-a-Service provider, discusses how it benefits from its partnership with NaviSite.

Partner Testimonial: CDW | NaviSite

Partner Success Story: CDW

CDW discusses how it benefits from NaviSite's partner program in its daily business operations, service offerings, and market engagements.

Partner Testimonial - OSHEAN

Partner Success Story: OSHEAN

NaviSite and OSHEAN  working collaboratively to provide cloud-based solutions to OSHEAN’s member organizations.

Managing the DaaS Cloud Investment Portfolio - VMworld 2014 | NaviSite

Managing the DaaS Cloud Investment Portfolio VMworld 2014

Time Warner Cable and NaviSite discuss managing the DaaS cloud investment portfolio at VMworld 2014. Joe Thykattil, Sandra Palumbo, Keith Dobbins and David Stafford speak about Cloud Desktop enablers, service delivery options and TCO financial advantages.

Cloud Expo Europe 2014 Keynote Session: 2014 the Year for Desktop-as-a-Service | NaviSite

Cloud Expo Europe 2014 Keynote Session: 2014 the Year for Desktop-as-a-Service

NaviSite CTO, David Grimes, delivers a keynote session at Cloud Expo Europe 2014 with focus on Desktop-as-a-Service trends, business drivers, and benchmarks on the way to a centralized approach to virtual desktop management and end-user computing.

SmartHands Services for Data Centers - NaviSite’s NaviScope Vlog

SmartHands Services for Data Centers - NaviScope Vlog

Find out about NaviSite's SmartHands services for Colocation and Managed Hosting customers in under 60 seconds. More Information >

BCDR Support is like Roadside Assistance for your IT Environment - NaviSite’s NaviScope Vlog

BCDR Support is like Roadside Assistance for IT - NaviScope Vlog

In under 60 seconds, learn how business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) support can be like roadside assistance for your IT environement. Find out more >

HIPAA-Compliant Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) - NaviSite’s NaviScope Vlog

HIPAA-Compliant, Cloud-Enabled Virtual Desktops - NaviScope Vlog

In under 60 seconds, get an overview of NaviSite's HIPPA-compliant desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering.  Find out more >