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Trust & Transparency

We’re committed to providing the highest levels of security, data privacy and compliance.

Reduce risk with a
partner you can trust.

As you adapt to changes impacting your business and industry, you need a partner you can rely on—one who can help you reduce risk and move forward with confidence. We take that mission seriously at Navisite and are committed to maintaining a strong foundation of trust and transparency in everything we do.

Our organization, internal processes and services meet industry standards of security, data privacy and compliance to ensure your data and systems are protected. And we continue to build on that foundation to align with ever-changing regulations, cybersecurity advancements, privacy laws and best practices.


Why Partner with Navisite?

Unwavering Commitment

From keeping up with data privacy laws to our comprehensive security controls, our top priority is keeping your data safe.

Audit-Ready Compliance

Our team has in-depth regulatory and industry-specific expertise to ensure that IT initiatives map to compliance attestations with unified visibility.

24x7 Monitoring

We monitor your environments around the clock to identify privacy and compliance risks before they cause business disruption.

True Partnership

We’re more than just your managed service provider—we’re your partner. And we’re fully invested in your success.