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Security Advisory Services

Build a customized security strategy based on your unique risk profile and business requirements.

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Build a more secure, resilient business.

Assessing your IT risks is the first step in building a customized security strategy that will safeguard your business from current and future threats. Yet, many organizations struggle to fully understand their existing vulnerabilities and security gaps. Navisite’s Advisory Services are designed to give you the expertise and resources you need to protect your most sensitive data and assets. Get a complete assessment of your existing security posture, along with a security audit and gap analysis. Based on these findings, we’ll design an actionable security roadmap tailored to your unique risk profile and technical and budgetary requirements. Our Advisory Services are comprehensive—from risk analysis and virtual CISO services to incident response services, digital forensics and more—providing expert guidance to help you effectively respond to evolving threats and build a more secure and resilient business.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Global Expertise

Our global team consists of highly specialized security experts with decades of experience helping customers build customized security strategies.

Security by Design

Our security specialists help you implement “security by design” features throughout every layer of IT—cloud, infrastructure, application, database and physical environments.

Best Practices

We have 20+ years of experience implementing robust security measures in customer environments—using proven cloud and network design best practices.

Customer Commitment

Maintaining stringent security requires vigilance, and we’re committed to supporting you with an approach that can adjust and scale to your business.

Navisite's Advisory Services Include

  • Access to a global team of highly skilled security and technology experts
  • Security audit and gap analysis at the network, application, database and physical levels
  • Image hardening, code review and network design best practices
  • Internal and external penetration testing
  • Incident response, including rapid engagement and crisis management
  • Cybersecurity risk assessment workshop to gain an understanding of your existing IT estate and security posture, along with business-specific risks
  • Security design at the cloud, infrastructure, application, database and physical levels, including data backup, DR planning and testing
  • Virtual CISO services to provide guidance and help identify and remediate risk within your organization
  • Vulnerability assessments to uncover exposure points in your IT environment
  • Forensic analysis and assistance to contain, eradicate and recover from threats

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