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April 25, 2019

Announcing Navisite Encompass and Navisite Assist – Cloud Management Solutions

Balaji Sundara

Navisite has a 20 year history of providing managed services and collaborating with our clients on innovations that enable them to lead their markets. We manage our clients cloud environments according to best practices to ensure high availability, high performance and the utmost in security.

Our clients also pull us forward, they are increasingly taking advantage of all that the cloud offers. More and more Navisite clients are investing in the cloud-native tools and services that Microsoft Azure offers from Azure App Services to Azure Cognitive Services. We have spent the last few years deepening our expertise and focusing our tooling, automation, and services to support the core functionality of an Azure deployment – all things cloud related.

We have one of the largest teams in the enterprise-class Microsoft Azure managed services industry with over 450 Microsoft certifications. Microsoft has recognized this fact, by awarding Navisite with the Azure Expert MSP classification, separating Navisite from other MSPs and elevating our expertise in the Azure community.

We want to offer differentiated level of service to our clients – so clients can choose at any point of time, depending on Azure Services, which level of service appeals to them. In this spirit, Navisite is now providing two levels of Azure services – Assist and Encompass in order to provide tailored services to best meet our clients needs for Microsoft Azure’s ever expanding set of feature and services.

With Navisite Assist, Navisite provides a level of support and guidance that empowers our clients to take advantage of the always expanding set of services that Microsoft is delivering when they need it.

Both service levels include architectural consultation, service management, response SLAs, visibility in Navisite’s Proximity console, a personalized, role based dashboard for tracking usage, billing and ITIL views of active and historical events.

Navisite also has teams of Azure project professionals (migrations, integrations etc.), Database Administrators (SQL, Oracle, Azure PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Cosmos DB and more) and a security operations team that implements and manages to the Cloud Security Alliance principles and will support clients in their audits.

With Navisite’s cloud management solutions, our clients are free to truly take advantage of the almost infinite capabilities of today’s cloud platforms. Our clients creativity and Navisite’s expertise is a powerful combination that will have a positive effect on your IT agility and innovation.

With Navisite Encompass, Navisite provides a full suite of proactive professional and managed services, enabling deployments across the worldwide foot print of Microsoft Azure data centers. We help our clients achieve availability SLAs of 99.99% or greater and we proactively respond to critical events quickly with our 24/7 expert, certified personnel. Navisite provides the following high-level services:

  • Service Management and Governance: policy based azure governance, service level management and incident, problem and change level management. Applying these principles Navisite manages the OS (monitoring, patching) and when applicable backup, DR and endpoint protection.
  • Automation: Navisite’s automated provisioning and support for Azure’s infrastructure and application centric elastic scaling
  • Monitoring: From core infrastructure monitoring to application, and use cases, Navisite’s extensive monitoring capabilities are the foundation of our ability to ensure availability, performance and security.
  • Usage metering and optimization: Cloud and Infrastructure usage metering, proactive performance and cost optimization.
  • Security monitoring and compliance support: Standard and enhanced continuous security services including managed detection and response services, vulnerability risk management and identity management. Standard support for SOC1, SOC2, GDPR. HIPAA and PCI compliance solutions are available.


Azure guidance and assistance when you need it.

For clients who don’t require proactive support or have Azure skills in house but would benefit from a trusted advisor with project capabilities available.

Key features

  • 24 x 7 technical support, with escalation to Microsoft Premier Support as required
  • 1 hour / 8 hour response time based on severity
  • Proximity cloud services portal
  • Architecture consultation

*Available to CSP clients only


Proactive management and monitoring

For clients who would benefit from Navisite proactive services to monitor, maintain and protect their Azure environment.

Key features

  • 24 x 7 technical support, with escalation to Microsoft Premier Support as required
  • 30 min / 4 hour response time based on severity
  • Navisite cloud services platform and Proximity portal
  • Full suite of proactive managed services, deployment and architecture advisory

Our clients seek our expertise, reliability, visibility, security and flexibility to adopt new technologies and transform their business applications in their cloud journey.

Visit our website to learn more about the Azure Cloud Management Services offered by Navisite, contact us, or call us at (888) 298-8222 for further information.

About Balaji Sundara

Balaji Sundara is Navisite's Sr. Enterprise Product Manager for its Managed Azure Services. He is an Agile and cloud-certified, Pragmatic Marketing-trained product management professional, with over ten years of experience in cloud technologies across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. He holds a certificate in leadership management from the MIT Sloan School, an MBA from Babson College, and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Florida.

Balaji Sundara  
- April 17, 2019