March 10, 2020

AWS Product News – Amazon Aurora Upgrade, Amazon CloudWatch Composite Alarms, User Authentication with Kerberos and Microsoft Active Directory

Tom Monk

Here’s our take on recent news from the AWS blog. This week, we have new capabilities for upgrading Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility database cluster, combining multiple alarms with Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility supporting user authentication with Kerberos and Microsoft Active Directory.

  • You can now upgrade your Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility database cluster from major version 9.6 to 10 with just a few clicks on the AWS Management Console. AWS now provides a managed upgrade process so you can easily upgrade Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL. Read more here.

    Why it matters:
    Database upgrades can take weeks of planning and execution. Having a fully managed and automated upgrade can save companies weeks of time and effort, and simplify the process of ensuring that their databases have all the benefits of an up-to-date system.

  • Amazon CloudWatch now allows users to combine multiple alarms. With Amazon composite alarms, you can reduce alarm noise and focus on critical operational issues. How does this work? One way is to combine alarms into “alarm hierarchies” that only trigger once when multiple alarms fire at the same time. This helps you stay focused on finding the root cause of operational issues to reduce system and application downtime. Learn more here.

    Why it m
    atters: Accurate alerting is essential to good operations. This feature will help to reduce alarm noise when failures happen and provide more nuanced alarming based on complex metrics and thresholds.
  • Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility now supports external authentication of database users using Kerberos and Microsoft Active Directory. This provides the benefits of single sign-on and centralized authentication of Aurora PostgreSQL Database users. Keeping all of your user credentials in the same active directory provides a centralized place for storing and managing them for multiple DB instances. Get more details here.

Why it matters: Uniformed access control and authentication processes from a single source of truth simplifies operations and improves security. This feature enhancement allows customers to do just that.

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We’ll be back next week with another update!