June 11, 2021

Industry News: June 7-11 – Partners Talk Top Cloud Providers, Manufacturing Embraces AI, Legacy Systems and Cyberattacks

Megan Ferringer

Every week we highlight cloud computing and technology news of interest. This week we’re covering what partners are saying about cloud providers leading the way today, how much of manufacturers’ IT budgets are being spent on artificial intelligence (AI), legacy security systems and the need to secure work from anywhere for employees, a dive into AWS’ machine learning (ML) and that AWS and Howard University are teaming up with an eye towards cloud professionals of the future.

Let’s get started…

Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft are leading the way as the top cloud solution providers today. But what are partners saying about each platform and their experiences to date? Find out what these partners, including Navisite CEO Mark Clayman, had to say in CRN here.

AI is a powerful tool being used by manufacturers across the globe. Just how valuable is AI to operations? According to a new study commissioned by Google Cloud, manufacturers on average are allocating 36% of their overall IT spend to AI – with a quarter allocating half or more. Learn how important AI has become to manufacturing in ZDNet here.

When it comes to cyberattacks, bad actors are targeting the remote workforce. Are legacy security systems equipped to protect employees no matter where they’re working? A new report from VMware found that 78% of CIOs, CTOs and CISOs surveyed believe increased attacks are a result of remote working. Dive into the findings in Help Net Security here.

AWS is leveraging ML to elevate the customer experience – and it’s changing the way businesses operate. According to Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of AI and ML at AWS, the tech community is only “scratching the surface” of what’s possible with ML. Read what Sivasubramanian says you should know about AWS ML in CRN here.

AWS and Howard University are teaming up to inspire the next generation of cloud computing professionals. As part of a new program, the university will integrate AWS’ cloud computing skills initiative into existing curriculum to provide students with a path towards a career in tech. Find out more about the program in CIO Dive here.

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