March 19, 2021

Industry News: March 15-19 – Navisite’s SAP Recertifications, Microsoft Benefits from Cloud Growth, Ransomware on the Rise

Megan Ferringer

Every week we highlight cloud computing and technology news of interest. This week we’re covering several recertifications for Navisite’s SAP solutions, Gartner’s data and analytics trends to watch, how a shift to the cloud could fuel Microsoft stock growth, Microsoft’s innovative way of cooling cloud servers and the growing frequency of ransomware attacks.

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Navisite has strengthened its services thanks to several recertifications for SAP solutions obtained by Velocity Technology Solutions, which was acquired by Navisite in January. Learn how these recertifications will help Navisite’s customers realize the full value of their SAP investments in VMblog here.

When the pandemic hit, many organizations turned to data and analytics professionals to deal with the coming months’ uncertainties. Now, Gartner has identified 10 trends that are “mission-critical investments that accelerate capabilities to anticipate, shift and respond.” What are the trends, and what do data and analytics leaders need to know? Find out in TechRepublic here.

The shift to remote work and the adoption of cloud computing has meant major growth for Microsoft over the past year. According to senior tech analysts, that trend isn’t going anywhere, and Microsoft’s stock could gain 27% as a result. What does this mean for the bigger picture of cloud-driven IT growth? Read more in Insider here.

When it comes to cooling cloud servers, Microsoft is taking an innovative approach. The tech giant is now testing a new method that involves putting servers into tanks of cooling fluid—something already done in bitcoin mining operations. What could this mean for the future of data centers and better cooling efficiency? Explore more in Data Center Frontier here.

Just how frequent have ransomware attacks become since the start of the pandemic? One new study found that these types of attacks have increased 62% globally since 2019. That number is even bigger in North America, where a 158% surge was reported. Dive into the findings to learn why cybercriminals are changing their tactics in BetaNews here.

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