March 20, 2020

Industry News: March 16-20 – Making Data Centers Greener, Taking Advantage of Work from Home Technology and More

Chris Patterson

Every week we highlight cloud computing and technology news of interest. This week, we’re covering Amazon’s commitment to fighting climate change, insight on Kubernetes from IT Pro, new research on data center power consumption and the massive surge in remote workers.

Let’s get started…

In a day and age where energy consumption is ever increasing, Amazon is launching four new renewable energy projects to power AWS. Their goal – to make data centers greener while meeting the energy consumption demands of the AWS infrastructure. A story from ZDNet introduces you to Amazon’s latest energy investment as they seek to reach their goal of being zero net carbon by 2040. Learn more here.

As ITPro Today explains, Kubernetes has become a popular software solution on the container scene. But when not used in the right setting, this useful tool won’t be able to live up to its full potential. This article walks us through five ways to determine if Kubernetes is, or isn’t, the right fit for you. Is your infrastructure a good match? Find out here.

With more hardware being brought online every day across the globe, energy consumption from data centers was predicted to shoot through the roof. But in a new study broken down by Network World, that prediction hasn’t become a reality. They note that data centers make up for about 1% of global energy consumption – and that number is holding steady. Could the cloud be playing a major role? Checkout details from the study here.

Right now, we’re seeing a massive surge in employees working from home. While this trend is not likely to become permanent for the masses, TechRepublic explains that in the IT world – this could become the norm. This article digs into why IT is well suited for the remote working environment, and why more employees may take advantage. Dive in here.