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March 13, 2020

Industry News: March 9-13 – The Cloud Can Weather a Recession, Estimating the Cost of Cloud Migration and More

Chris Patterson

As part of our new cloud computing industry series, we’re pulling together a recap of some of the top articles for the week of March 9-13. We’ll be back every week with quick highlights to keep you up to date on all things cloud.

Let’s get started…

Experts say that even in the event of a global recession, there are reasons to expect that cloud computing will continue to grow. The cloud is still a fast-growing business at Amazon and Microsoft, as well as Google and IBM. John-David Lovelock, chief forecaster at Gartner, expects global public cloud-services revenue to increase 33% to more than $350 billion by 2022. Read more here.

What is an advanced cloud? A story in Forbes explains that not all clouds are equal, due to a number of factors – network resources, tools, performance boosts and optimizations. Advanced clouds can be thought of in three dimensions: 1) breadth of services and geographies, 2) the flexibility by which services can be combined, and 3) how easy it is to understand and manage the services. Go deeper here.

According to StateTech, many organizations underestimate the true costs of moving to the cloud, which can be a difficult issue for state and local agencies operating under tight IT budgets. However, there are ways to plan and budget effectively for new and ongoing costs involved with the cloud. Get more advice here.

VMware has rolled out its Kubernetes technology, called Tanzu, across its major software platforms, according to Network World. This is part of a major revamp of its key product families, and is the next big step in making Kubernetes containers the centerpiece of future enterprise and hybrid-cloud application environments for VMware’s vSphere customers. Read more here.

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About Chris Patterson

Leveraging his technical background and consulting skills, Chris Patterson was a key player in building Navisite’s cloud computing platform, NaviCloud, from the ground up and is responsible for overseeing its continual upgrades and improvement making sure it meets clients evolving needs from both a technical and business perspective. In addition he oversees the development and implementation teams for Navisite’s Desktop-as-a-Service and NaviCloud Intelligent Storage solutions. Prior to joining Navisite, Patterson spent nine years at MTM technologies as the Director of Information Security Services, where he gained extensive experience developing and consulting on security policies in a variety of different industries including financial, retail, legal, health care, and public sector. Chris holds a Bachelors of Science in nuclear engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and currently lives in Delaware.