June 4, 2021

Industry News: May 31-June 4 – Announcements at SAP Sapphire, Cloud Providers Satellite Strategies, Trading Pay Cuts for Remote Work

Megan Ferringer

Every week we highlight cloud computing and technology news of interest. This week we’re covering new offerings unveiled at SAP’s Sapphire conference, Microsoft’s plan to reduce its diesel dependency, why top cloud providers are linking up with satellites, the importance of disclosing cybersecurity mistakes and a look at just how many people would trade a pay cut to continue working remotely.

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SAP made a number of key announcements at its Sapphire conference this week as the company looks to build out its RISE with SAP program. Among the revealed offerings was RISE with SAP for Industries, which will feature built-in industry-specific processes, expertise and best practices. Dive into this and other new offerings in ZDNet here.

Microsoft is looking for ways to reduce its dependency on diesel fuel—and the tech giant is turning to Sweden for a solution. The company is buying “low-carbon” diesel fuel from a Swedish petroleum firm to power backup generators at its data centers in that country. So what does this mean for Microsoft’s fuel plans long-term? Learn more in Data Center Dynamics here.

Top cloud providers are turning their attention to the stars. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are all working with satellite companies on processing and analyzing data. But what are their “out of this world” plans? Read more about their space strategies in Data Center Frontier here.

Just how important is it to foster an open and understanding environment when it comes to potential cybersecurity mistakes? According to several experts, it’s crucial to create this type of cybersecurity culture to help IT security teams prevent more serious issues in the future. Dive into this topic in ZDNet here.

How popular has remote work become since the start of the pandemic? According to a new study, 63% of respondents would rather continue working remotely than receive a promotion, and 48% said they would take a pay cut if it meant they could continue working from anywhere. Find out why these workers prefer a work-from-home lifestyle in BetaNews here.

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