August 26, 2013

No One Cloud Fits All: How NaviCloud® Director Enables Cloud-aware Applications

Chris Patterson

As the widespread adoption of cloud computing continues to grow, developers are building applications that are more cloud-aware to help maximize the advantages of cloud, such as self-service provisioning, increased elasticity and flexibility and reduced costs. This shift to cloud-based applications is a key indicator of the growing sophistication and maturity among cloud users.

With this movement toward more dynamic applications, Navisite saw a need for a different type of IaaS platform. While our NaviCloud platform is designed for legacy applications migrating to the cloud to provide users with a fully managed service experience, NaviCloud Director is designed specifically for cloud based applications to give users a more flexible and customizable IaaS experience. The vCloud® Director powered platform enables users to customize their networking architecture to map specifically to their technology philosophy. In addition, clients gain access to VMware’s APIs and developer community, with advanced users gaining access to VMware native management tools for further user flexibility.

Although NaviCloud Director provides IaaS functionality based on the vCloud Director platform, it has the ability to access and integrate with other NaviCloud and Navisite Managed Services to accommodate complex applications. Visibility is also provided into the alignment and reporting structures for physical hosted solutions. 

Our existing NaviCloud platform is here to stay as it’s a viable option for organizations utilizing legacy applications and may not need as much flexibility. However with the traction and momentum of next generation cloud based applications, NaviCloud Director offers businesses an IaaS platform designed for truly a defined cloud environment.  

Watch this brief demo video of the NaviCloud Director platform, illustrating some of the key features and highlights.

About Chris Patterson

Leveraging his technical background and consulting skills, Chris Patterson was a key player in building Navisite’s cloud computing platform, NaviCloud, from the ground up and is responsible for overseeing its continual upgrades and improvement making sure it meets clients evolving needs from both a technical and business perspective. In addition he oversees the development and implementation teams for Navisite’s Desktop-as-a-Service and NaviCloud Intelligent Storage solutions. Prior to joining Navisite, Patterson spent nine years at MTM technologies as the Director of Information Security Services, where he gained extensive experience developing and consulting on security policies in a variety of different industries including financial, retail, legal, health care, and public sector. Chris holds a Bachelors of Science in nuclear engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and currently lives in Delaware.