January 29, 2020

Top 3 AWS January Product Announcements

Chris Patterson

Happy 2020 everyone! Welcome to our new weekly series where we’ll discuss recent announcements from the AWS blog. To kick things off, we’ve picked what we see as the three most important developments in January, including an AWS DataSync update, T3 instances on dedicated single-tenant hardware, and an Amazon EKS price reduction. It’s a quick read, and you can always click on the links below for more information.

AWS DataSync is now offering support for Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. AWS helps you move large amounts of data in and out of the AWS Cloud. Using AWS DataSync – Automated and Accelerated Data Transfer, customers can do large-scale migrations, upload and process, archiving and backup/DR. Now, the expansion of DataSync to include Windows File Server as a source or target gives Navisite additional migration solutions for Windows File System-as-a-Service, or DRaaS for your Windows File Systems. Read more here.

Why it matters: Some of the biggest benefits of the cloud are bulk storage and data migration. This new DataSync update greatly simplifies the process of moving Windows File Server data seamlessly into AWS.

A new offering, T3 instances are now available on dedicated, single-tenant hardware. T3 instances use a burst pricing model that allows you to host general-purpose workloads at low cost, while getting access to sustainable, full-core performance when you need it. Select from seven different sizes and get an assured baseline amount of processing power courtesy of custom high frequency Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. Check out more details here.

Why it matters: This gives customers a more affordable option for T3 instances on a dedicated, single-tenant offering. The most common use case for single-tenant dedicated is for compliance requirements, which is important for organizations in regulated industries.

The price of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes (EKS) has been reduced by about 50%. Since it launched 18 months ago, EKS has released more than 62 features, 14 regions and 4 Kubernetes versions. While this is a significant amount of development, a price reduction will make it even more attractive to customers. As of January 21, the price is reduced from $0.20 per hour for each EKS cluster to $0.10 per hour. Read more here.

Why it matters: The price reduction of EKS brings it more in line with competitors, so this could have a big impact in the market. And, managed services for a complex platform like Kubernetes is a big selling point for hyperscalers.

If you have any questions about these product updates and how they can optimize your AWS environment, we’re happy to help. Email us at webinfo@navisite.com. You can also get our weekly AWS product updates delivered right to your inbox by subscribing here.

We’ll be back next week with another update!