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August 12, 2020

Weekly Cloud Provider News – Amazon ECS CloudFormation, Azure Shared Disks for SQL Server, Oracle Chrome v84, and Google Certificate Authorities

Tom Monk

Each week, we highlight the latest cloud provider news from the industry’s top providers. This week, Amazon announces ECS CloudFormation support, Azure Shared Disks for SQL Failover Cluster Instance moves to general availability, Oracle Chrome v84 earns multiple certifications, and Google introduces Certificate Authority Service.

  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) announced CloudFormation support for adding Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) volumes to ECS tasks. Customers can now automate the creation and management of tasks using EFS volumes through infrastructure as code. This feature allows applications that require shared storage to be containerized, so that a range of new workloads can benefit from containerization. Read more here.
  • Azure Shared Disks for SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance (SQL FCI) is now in general availability. This allows hard disks to be configured as shared disks across multiple virtual machines for the purposes of failover clustering. This is important because it is one of the most frequently used high-availability cases for SQL server, and it previously required a workaround. Organizations contemplating a move to Azure will find this feature saves time when migrating with SQL Failover Cluster instances directly to Azure. Learn more here.
  • Oracle announced that Chrome v84 is now certified as a Windows-based client browser and Android-based client browser for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and 12.1.3. Chrome v84 is certified for both Oracle E-Business Suite web-based (OA Framework/HTML) and Oracle Forms/Java-based interfaces. Get more details here.
  • Google announced Certificate Authority Service (CAS) is now in beta in Google Cloud. CAS is a highly scalable service that simplifies and automates the management and deployment of private Certificate Authorities (CA) while meeting the needs of modern developers and applications. Google CAS allows customers to set up a private CA is just minutes. Find out more here.

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About Tom Monk

Tom is a Solution Architect specializing in migrating enterprise workloads to public cloud. Drawing on his years of experience in a variety of consulting roles as a Systems Integrator and on a strong technical background, Tom seeks to modernize and simplify traditional monolithic enterprise workloads and deliver value to Navisite's customers by helping them find the right cloud platform. Tom is an AWS certified Professional Solution Architect and the Well-Architected Lead at Navisite. He is based in London and holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Essex.