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May 13, 2020

Weekly Cloud Provider News – AWS Database Migration Service, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Log Management and More

Peter Berry

Here’s our weekly update on recent cloud provider news. This week, AWS Database Migration Service expands, Azure enables faster retrieval and querying of data in Azure Blog Storage, new Azure VPN capabilities support remote workers, Google Cloud partners with Blue Medora and Microsoft announces its next-generation Azure VMware solution.

  • AWS Database Migration Service, which allows customers to migrate their databases from their current location to AWS, now supports expression-based data transformations. With this feature, you can dynamically transform and manipulate data that is being replicated to any supported targets. As a result, organizations can upgrade their databases, adopt RDS or migrate to different engines. The end result is the ability to convert engines faster and at a lower cost than before. Read more here.
  • Azure Blob Storage has made the Blob Index available in preview. The preview allows customers to create custom attributes for data stored in Azure Blob storage. The attributes are stored alongside the data and may be queried through the Azure portal, REST APIs or SDKs. This capability is significant in that it enables faster retrieval and querying of data. It also places the capability of searching data directly in the hands of an end user, allowing IT teams to focus their attention on other high-priority projects that are more critical to the organization. Learn more here.
  • Azure VPN has added more functionality to help organizations scale up remote work during the pandemic. Microsoft introduced additional capabilities that enable remote connectivity to Azure resources without the need to connect to an organization’s corporate offices/locations. As companies struggle with enabling more remote workers, this added functionality makes it worthwhile to move more resources to the cloud given how much easier it will be to enable remote access. Read more here.
  • Google Cloud has partnered with Blue Medora to create a single solution for managing logs from Google Cloud, other clouds and on-premises workloads—all in one place. Adding Blue Medora’s software, BindPlane, helps collect metrics and logs and push them into the open APIs that form Google’s core observability platform. This solution comes at no additional cost for Google Cloud users and allows support workers to trace faults across dispersed environments—which is increasingly important as organizations move to multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Get more details here.
  • Microsoft announced a preview of the next-generation Azure VMware Solution, which lets organizations run VMware workloads natively on Azure. Using this solution, customers can provision a full VMware Cloud Foundation environment on Azure and gain compute and storage elasticity to support changing business requirements. This solution is VMware Cloud Verified, and gives customers a complete set of capabilities to deliver consistency, performance and interoperability. Read more here.

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About Peter Berry

Peter is the Director of AWS Solutions at Navisite. Peter’s expertise spans infrastructure and cloud technologies with over 20 years of project and management experience across industries and in the public sector. As a Co-Founder and CTO of clckwrk, Peter built his first proof of concept on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2010 before deploying one of the first production Oracle Workloads in 2013. In the following years, he has led the design of solutions for running a range of Oracle application and technology products, leveraging AWS tools to provide highly available, high-performance solutions.