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April 2, 2020

Weekly Cloud Provider News – AWS License Manager, Google Cloud BigQuery and Azure Security Center Workflow Automation

Peter Berry

Here’s our take on the latest cloud provider news: This week, AWS License Manager tracks Oracle database licenses, Google Cloud BigQuery data warehouse supports geospatial data types and Azure Security Center’s new workflow automation feature is available.

  • AWS License Manager now allows you to track Oracle database licenses on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). You can use AWS License Manager to track ‘Bring-your-own-license’ (BYOL) usage by your RDS for Oracle database instances. In addition, you can maintain your existing vendor license information in AWS license Manager to fully track your license usage. Find out more here. 

Why it matters: License management of vendor software is critical for all organizations, and being non-compliant on licenses can have serious legal consequences. You can now easily track and report your license usage from AWS License Manager to make sure that your organization has not breached its license agreements. And, the reports and dashboard can be used to support software audits.

  • Google Cloud’s BigQuery data warehouse now includes first-class support for geospatial data types and functions. With this unique capability, you can process and analyze geospatial data at scale. And, to accelerate the workflows of its geospatial customers, Google announced a partnership with Safe Software, the maker of FME, a data integration platform designed to support spatial data worldwide. Learn more here.

Why it matters: Analytics teams now have a faster and easier way to enrich data and provide geographical representation of data within their dashboards and results. Google has been promoting its BigQuery product as a component for performing serverless analytics.

  • Azure Security Center’s workflow automation feature is now generally available. You can use it to automatically trigger logic apps on security alerts and recommendations. In addition, manual triggers are available for alerts and all recommendations that have the quick fix option available. Read more here.

Why it matters: This provides more automation for securing your infrastructure, which not only helps boost an organization’s overall security posture—it can also increase efficiency and reduce costs. Security experts recommend that you automate steps in procedures, like notifying relevant stakeholders, launching a change management process or applying specific remediation steps.

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About Peter Berry

Peter is the Director of AWS Solutions at Navisite. Peter’s expertise spans infrastructure and cloud technologies with over 20 years of project and management experience across industries and in the public sector. As a Co-Founder and CTO of clckwrk, Peter built his first proof of concept on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2010 before deploying one of the first production Oracle Workloads in 2013. In the following years, he has led the design of solutions for running a range of Oracle application and technology products, leveraging AWS tools to provide highly available, high-performance solutions.