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June 3, 2020

Weekly Cloud Provider News – AWS Systems Manager Explorer, Azure Key Vault and Azure Site Recovery

Tom Monk

Each week, we highlight the latest cloud provider news from the industry’s top providers. This week, AWS Systems Manager Explorer expands to provide multi-region summaries, Azure Key Vault supports “bring your own key,” and Azure Site Recovery supports proximity groups to protect virtual machines located in different regions.

  • Amazon Systems Manager Explorer now provides a multi-account, multi-region summary of AWS computer optimizer recommendations. Systems Manager is an operations dashboard that provides a view of operations data such as patch compliance and instance details. It helps you see where you may need to investigate and remediate operational issues. The ability to view all this information from a single dashboard helps organizations improve performance and reduce the cost of their workloads. Read more here.
  • Azure Key Vault now supports the ability to import keys securely from on-premises key management solutions. “BYOK” (bring your own key) allows customers to use their own key management systems to manage all security keys across all platforms. IT departments will benefit from a simpler method to manage keys, and enterprises that are looking to migrate to Azure will benefit from not having to handle multiple key management platforms. Learn more here.
  • Azure Site Recovery now supports proximity placement groups (PPGs), which delivers lower latency and greater resilience of critical applications by placing them in recovery groups in tandem. Organizations can protect virtual machines with site recovery that are placed within PPGs, allowing for the grouping of virtual machines – even those located in different geographic regions. This is important for IT teams that need to ensure that geo-redundant servers are protected and have failover capability. Similarly, enterprises looking to scale across various regions are now able to protect virtual machines and fail over in the event of an issue. Find out more here.

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About Tom Monk

Tom is a Solution Architect specializing in migrating enterprise workloads to public cloud. Drawing on his years of experience in a variety of consulting roles as a Systems Integrator and on a strong technical background, Tom seeks to modernize and simplify traditional monolithic enterprise workloads and deliver value to Navisite's customers by helping them find the right cloud platform. Tom is an AWS certified Professional Solution Architect and the Well-Architected Lead at Navisite. He is based in London and holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Essex.