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EIS Introduces More Scalability and Lower Costs by Migrating SAP Application to AWS

Who is EIS?

EIS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company, is a North American distributor of various process materials, production supplies, and specialty parts and products for electrical OEM, motor repair and assembly companies. Serving an array of customers across numerous industry segments, EIS supplies over 100,000 critical products from 39 branches and six fabrication facilities located throughout North America.
Navisite (formerly Velocity) was able to meet the vision of EIS, and even expand on it. Everything they said they could deliver, they did.
Doug Morris
Director of IT EIS

The Challenge

Rapid company growth, combined with a highly complex and high volume business, caused EIS to seek a more flexible set of SAP landscapes to support its ECC6 solution. EIS’ on-premises AS400 operating system was nearing end-of-life, which stopped the company from taking full advantage of SAP’s newer technologies. It was also becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled consulting resources to maintain its system. As a result, it became apparent that a change in environment was required. To stay aligned with growing business requirements, the company felt it was time to find a managed cloud services provider who would help optimize and automate its SAP environments, eliminate its on-premises data center operations, create opportunity for additional business agility and reduce its total cost of ownership.

The Solution

EIS leveraged Navisite’s managed cloud services to migrate its SAP landscape to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The entire migration process, from planning and design to production, was completed in six months. EIS and Navisite worked collaboratively to start the design sessions, planning the migration path and determining the ideal SAP environment in four weeks. Once the plan was in place, EIS began working with Navisite’s development department to conduct a thorough quality assurance analysis, ensuring all the bases were covered prior to migration. The plan set specific expectations about when and how to migrate EIS’ development, quality assurance and production landscapes.

Post-migration, EIS continues to leverage Navisite for managed cloud services and SAP expertise, specifically technical and functional resources. Navisite continues to review EIS’ business processes and provides recommendations for optimizing operations and enhancing the end user experience.

Transforming, hosting and managing its SAP applications on AWS resulted in increased scalability and cost benefits. In fact, EIS realized 20% savings in infrastructure costs after the migration. Navisite also optimized EIS’ SAP application management with automation and advanced analytics capabilities to deliver continuous improvement for the full application life cycle. Global functional and technical support has improved the end user experience without straining IT resources. For example, EIS’ billing and reporting processes used to take 25 minutes to run. Today, it only takes one minute, resulting in a 96% time savings. With this report running three to four times daily, the company saves over an hour each day to reinvest in other tasks.