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Southcoast Health

Southcoast Health Turns to Navisite to Gain Better Service and Reduce Costs with OCI

Who is Southcoast Health?

Southcoast Health was founded in 1996 as an affiliation of four hospitals-Charlton Memorial Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, Tobey Hospital, and Southcoast Behavioral Health. The company also operates two cancer centers and seven urgent care facilities, serving nearly 720,000 residents.

The Challenge

With an extensive PeopleSoft footprint, Southcoast Health uses the finance, supply chain, human resources and payroll applications. The company had been running the systems in a managed hosting environment, with the company’s IT team managing the applications and the hosting provider managing the infrastructure.

Southcoast Health originally tried a hosted environment, but felt like it was holding them back. The hosting provider wanted Southcoast Health to conform to rigid processes, and it needed much more flexibility to manage its complex application ecosystem.

The struggle to work within the confines of the hosting provider’s processes prevented the IT team from accomplishing strategic tasks, like deploying new application functionality. Feeling more like a number than valued customer, it took weeks just to get critical tasks done that Southcoast Health needed in a matter of days.

Southcoast Health gained the ability to execute mission-critical tasks on time and on its schedule.

The Solution

Navisite kicked off the project by rebuilding Southcoast Health’s PeopleSoft HCM and finance applications. Within three months, the applications were ready for go-live. Navisite worked closely with the legacy managed hosting provider to port the company’s data over to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and performed several practice migrations to get the timing down to two days. During the migration, Southcoast Health took down the applications for a half-day on a Friday and by Sunday morning the new applications were live. The project concluded eight to 10 hours ahead of schedule, and there were no issues.

Southcoast Health has experienced significant improvements since the migration to OCI and its partnership with Navisite to manage the infrastructure as well as the applications. Today, Southcoast Health has much more flexibility to administer its applications according to the needs of the business. Previously, Southcoast Health could only do a refresh once a month, and it needed to be scheduled four to six weeks in advance. Southcoast Health was given a 55-hour window for the refresh, which presented a handful of challenges. Now, Southcoast Health has a more precise eight-hour refresh window. This means Southcoast Health can stop the refresh when it’s not needed. When a refresh is needed, Navisite only needs a two-day lead time.

Navisite’s infrastructure support has been a benefit to Southcoast Health, too. With extensive knowledge of Oracle and cloud technologies, and OCI in particular, the Navisite team pinpointed and corrected application performance issues that the previous managed hosting provider couldn’t fix.

Thanks to Navisite’s skilled resources, Southcoast Health was able to quickly figure out the cause of some specific process issues that the previous hosting provider couldn’t. With the migration to OCI complete, Southcoast Health has fixed its foundation. The company is now ready to move forward with a strategic project to optimize its applications and then deploy new digital and mobile functionality.