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Cloud DevOps Service

Modernize on the cloud and innovate with an experienced, trusted partner.

Accelerate delivery of your applications.

Inefficient DevOps processes or difficulty adopting DevOps practices can leave you struggling to deliver new applications and services, enable new cloud offerings and keep up with customer demand. With Navisite’s Cloud DevOps Service, you can offload your DevOps challenges to our cloud experts, so you can focus on innovation rather than application development. Our dedicated team of engineers provides the expertise, best practices and tools you need to modernize your legacy workloads, quickly deploy changes and improve technical operations. By partnering with us, you can expedite the delivery of new features and functionality, go to market faster and benefit from cloud-native architectures that provide scalability, availability, reliability and security.

Why Partner with Navisite for DevOps

Continuous Modernization

Modernize your applications through continuous improvement of your cloud infrastructure.

Enhanced Technical Operations

Build cloud infrastructure that is secure, resilient and scalable, with expertise to refactor legacy workloads and deploy cloud-native services.

Faster Application Delivery

Release new applications, features and functionality faster through cloud optimization, automation of repetitive tasks and CI/CD pipeline development.

Improved Collaboration

Streamline your development and operations, leveraging best practices and common toolsets to achieve the same goals—IT agility, speed and reliability.
Navisite modernized and automated our DevOps process, so deploying code on AWS is fast and easy. Our team can confidently and securely build, test and push changes into production without having to worry about infrastructure management.
Stephen Santise
Director of Technology | Advanced Cyber Security
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Navisite's Cloud DevOps Service Includes

Dedicated team of DevOps engineers who understand your business, led by a Technical Account Manager
Powerful monitoring and analysis tools to pinpoint and resolve performance bottlenecks
Continuous modernization of services, including refactoring of legacy workloads and CI/CD pipeline development
Automation of repetitive cloud infrastructure tasks
A Library of CloudFormation and Terraform templates to build your best-practice infrastructure
Strong security, including alerts to track user permissions and auditing tools to keep you compliant with regulations (NIST, PCI, HIPAA, etc.)
Cloud optimization services including assessments and DevOps best practices to help you reduce costs and deploy changes faster
Customized DevOps work and flexible, scalable pricing options tailored to your DevOps requirements

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