Colocation Site

Manage data centers more easily with a colocation site.

As the task of managing an on-premise data center becomes increasingly complex, more organizations are turning to managed colocation services at a state-of-the-art colocation site to improve performance and reduce costs.

Managing a data center can easily consume a disproportionate amount of time and resources from IT staffs already dealing with constrained budgets and personnel. IT environments and threat landscapes are rapidly evolving, and it requires a great deal of time and effort to properly manage security, maintain hardware and software, and deliver the 24/7/365 availability that organizations require.

By moving mission-critical applications, websites and data to a colocation site, IT teams can stop worrying about infrastructure and focus on more strategic business goals. A colocation site helps save money by allowing the costs of providing state-of-the-art security and facilities to be spread among multiple clients. And with a team of dedicated experts monitoring operations and working around the clock to ensure uptime, organizations can count on a colocation site to provide improved performance as well.

When seeking a superior colocation site with comprehensive data center services, many organizations today turn to Navisite.

Colocation site options from Navisite.

Navisite is one of the world’s leading cloud computing companies, providing managed hosting, managed applications and cloud service offerings to enterprises around the globe.

Moving mission-critical IT infrastructure to a Navisite colocation site can help to eliminate the burden of maintaining on-premise data centers. Offering dependable, enterprise-class colocation hosting services for organizations across diverse business verticals, Navisite provides dependable environments for business-critical applications, websites and other network services.

Services provided at a Navisite colocation site.

Navisite maintains a colocation site in multiple cities across two continents in data centers designed to provide the high-performance, dependable environment that businesses require. Each colocation site includes:

  • State-of-the-art facilities — colocation clients can choose from 19” and 23” cabinets or private colocation suites, with roof space rights available at select locations. Each site is powered by an uninterrupted power source with backup provided by on-site diesel generators and batteries.
  • Powerful cooling systems — data-grade HVAC systems help to keep each colocation site at a consistent 72-degree Fahrenheit ambient air temperature (+/- 2 degrees) and at a humidity level of 45% (+/- 5%).
  • Resilient connectivity — each colocation site offers resilient, inter-data center connectivity and high-speed routing to both domestic and global locations.
  • 24-hour monitoring — redundant Navisite Service Centers are located miles from each physical data center, and a team of on-site experts works continually to ensure uptime.

Learn more about Navisite’s colocation site services, and about Navisite’s cloud desktop service and cloud hosting security services.