HIPAA Compliant Hosting

HIPAA compliant hosting simplifies healthcare technology.

A HIPAA compliant hosting solution enables healthcare organizations to manage costs and simplify IT management while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Many healthcare organizations are struggling today to manage their IT environments while remaining HIPAA compliant. Legacy IT infrastructure and patchwork vendor solutions often make it difficult to contain costs and meet patient expectations, let alone comply with complex and evolving regulations. Faced with shrinking IT budgets, organizations need solutions that allow them to manage IT infrastructure more cost-effectively and with less administrative burden.

That's where Navisite HIPAA compliant hosting can help. As a leading managed hosting company, Navisite offers a variety of HIPAA hosting solutions that allow healthcare organizations to outsource IT infrastructure, streamline application management and support compliance needs more effectively.

HIPAA compliant hosting with Navisite

Navisite provides enterprise-class managed hosting, managed applications and cloud services to enterprises seeking to reduce capital and operating costs by outsourcing IT infrastructure. As a full-service solutions provider, Navisite leverages the latest IT technologies to build and manage mission-critical IT systems for enterprises across a variety of industries.

Navisite HIPAA compliant hosting services are designed to enable rapid resource and hardware provisioning while providing expert management of operating systems, hardware, network and physical environments. HIPAA compliant hosting with Navisite can include:

  • Dedicated servers for sensitive information like patient data and healthcare records as well as complex applications and databases.
  • Virtual servers for organizations that need more transparency in alignment and revenue versus technology investment.
  • Hybrid environments that combine physical and virtual servers and can accommodate legacy IT infrastructure while allowing healthcare organizations to move from colo to cloud over time.

HIPAA compliant hosting with Navisite can also include managed network, managed storage, managed database, managed security, managed Web server and managed application services.

Key benefits of Navisite's HIPAA compliant hosting

With HIPAA compliant hosting from Navisite, healthcare organizations can:

  • Minimize startup costs with a pay-as-you-go pricing structure.
  • Improve flexibility with a solution that scales easily and can decrease time to value.
  • Reduce staffing requirements with a solution that allows internal IT teams to offload essential but routine maintenance tasks.
  • Ensure availability and performance with Navisite's SLA guarantees.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership by lowering costs for space, staffing and electricity.

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