Managed Office 365

Enhance productivity with a Managed Office 365 solution.

Navisite's Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite enables organizations to provide familiar tools to a mobile workforce while taking the burden off of IT teams to provide support and maintain security of the Office 365 environment.

A growing number of enterprises are migrating to Office 365 to improve productivity and performance. As workforces become more mobile and are untethered from the desktop, Office 365 enables employees to use powerful productivity tools on a wide variety of devices and to collaborate with colleagues from virtually any location. The challenge for IT teams is to provide device-agnostic delivery of data and to keep it secured at all times while ensuring that Office 365 collaboration tools are available without impediment.

Navisite's Managed Office 365 solution addresses these challenges by combining the best of Microsoft Office 365 with dedicated, expert 24/7 support, live event monitoring and business continuity and threat protection -- with no added burden on IT.

Managed Office 365 from Navisite

For midsized to enterprise level businesses around the world, Navisite provides a broad range of managed applications, managed services and cloud services, including VMware hosting and DR hosting.

Navisite's Managed Office 365 productivity suite is powered by Microsoft and enhanced by Navisite and industry-leading service partner Proofpoint. This Managed Office 365 solution helps to protect your organization and avoid issues and downtime while outsourcing support and escalation to Navisite's team of experts.

As part of a Managed Office 365 solution, Navisite provides:

  • Dedicated 24x7 support that allows you to quickly address application-level problems and take time-consuming support tasks off the hands of your IT staff.
  • Accelerated response times for resolution of issues, providing shorter support lead times than those quoted by Microsoft.
  • Real-time event monitoring that provides unprecedented insight into the health of your environment.
  • Escalation to Microsoft Premier support for issues that are more severe.
  • Fully managed onboarding and migration of client data (optional).

Add cloud desktops to your Managed Office 365 service.

To further support a mobile workforce, many organizations are turning to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions to provision and manage end-user desktop resources more effectively.

Navisite's NaviCloud® DaaS enables you to:

  • Support mobile workforces and BYOB initiatives by providing device-agnostic delivery of desktop and application resources.
  • Quickly provision or decommission users without requiring access to an endpoint device.
  • Provide users with a full Windows desktop experience, skinned server or application delivery.

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