VMWare Cloud

Building resiliency with a VMware cloud replication solution.

When building secondary data centers to backup virtual machines (VMs) proves too costly and complex, a VMware cloud replication solution may be the answer.

Most organizations deploying a VMware environment want to support business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) by establishing a backup location for virtual machines. But the cost of building a backup site that will hopefully never be used can cause IT administrators to think twice. The cost of application tools and hardware alone can dissuade executives from pulling the trigger on a VMware backup, and when you add the fact that various applications may require faster or slower Recovery Point Objectives (RPO's), the overall cost of a VMware replication solution can seem prohibitive.

That's where Navisite can help. As a leading cloud solutions and managed hosting company, Navisite provides a VMware hosting service that enables organizations to cost-effectively implement a VMware cloud replication solution.

A VMware cloud solution from Navisite

Navisite has been helping to drive cloud transformation since 2010 when it first launched a managed cloud service. Today, Navisite also offers a self-service cloud to provide enterprises with a choice of VMware cloud services.

To support a BCDR strategy, Navisite's VMware cloud solution enables organizations to replicate VMs and groups of VMs between locations, performing test failovers to ensure that underlying applications run as expected without impacting production.

With NaviCloud Managed Cloud, Navisite's experts handle the replication of VM's between cloud nodes. Navisite works with clients during set up to organize VM's that should be replicated, migrated or tested together into Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs), setting an RPO for the group

With NaviCloud Self-Service Cloud, users can replicate VM's and virtual applications from one location to another using a simple online interface, choosing to protect individual virtual apps or collections of apps. If a disaster occurs, Navisite enables backups to replicate back to a client site automatically in order to speed up the return to production.

Additional benefits of Navisite's VMware cloud

Navisite offers a range of virtualized infrastructure that includes servers, memory, storage, bandwidth and more. With Navisite's VMware cloud services, enterprises can avoid the costs of resource underutilization and of unnecessary space, power and cooling expenses. Navisite also provides fast and easy scalability to eliminate the risk of underestimating the need for IT assets. And offloading maintenance and support of a VMware cloud replication solution to Navisite experts can take some pressure off of in-house IT teams.

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