VMWare Hosting

Protect your virtual environment with a VMware hosting solution.

When the cost of maintaining, managing and backing up your virtual environment becomes too great for your IT team to manage, a VMware hosting solution can help to provide business resiliency while reducing costs.

Most organizations recognize the need for a backup of virtual machines (VM's). But building a secondary site where VMs can be replicated is a costly proposition. And the complexity of replicating diverse apps with varying Recovery Point Objectives (RPO's) can make a single replication solution too fast or too slow for many apps.

Navisite provides an answer to these challenges with a VMware hosting cloud technology for VMware replication. Offering managed cloud, VMware cloud and self-service cloud services, Navisite is expertly equipped to meet complex virtualized infrastructure needs.

VMware hosting from Navisite

Navisite is a global leader in managed applications, manage hosting and cloud services for organizations that want to outsource IT infrastructure and services to the cloud.

Navisite VMware hosting solution is designed to support easy replication of virtual machines to cloud storage as well as fast replication back to a site following a disaster, hardware failure or human error.

To support a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy, Navisite enables administrators to replicate VMs and groups of VMs between locations. To ensure that underlying applications behave as intended, test failovers can be executed without disrupting production.

Navisite provides two levels of VMware hosting for replication:

  • With Navisite's NaviCloud Managed Cloud, Navisite's team of application specialists will manage the replication of a client's virtual machines or groups of machines between cloud nodes. During the setup of replication services, Navisite experts work with organizations to establish groups of VMs that should be replicated, migrated or tested together and to set an RPO for each group.
  • Navisite's NaviCloud Self-Service Cloud enables users to manage VMware hosting, replicating VMS and virtual applications from one location to another using a simple online interface. Clients can protect individual apps or collections of apps and establish desired RPO's with compliance requirement warning messages displayed by default.

Benefits of Navisite VMware hosting service.

Advantages of Navisite VMware hosting solution include:

  • Cost reductions achieved by avoiding the capital and operational costs of underutilized servers and unnecessary expenses for space, power and cooling.
  • Enhanced scalability – especially when compared to traditional on-premises solutions — eliminating the risk of underestimating needs and under-provisioning IT assets.

Additionally, self-service cloud users can leverage the platform's capabilities to migrate VMs to Navisite's public cloud to make space in a private cloud for workloads with sensitive material.

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