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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Learn how we’re supporting our employees, customers and partners around the world.

We’re Here
for You

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has dramatically changed how we work and live. As a company, we’re actively monitoring developments, so we can ensure the safety of our teams and continue to provide the services your business needs to successfully operate and respond to changes.

We’re Proactive

Our leadership team meets every day to determine the best course of action to support employees, customers and partners. These proactive actions include:

All employees are working from home, except for those whose presence in one of our facilities is considered essential.

We have temporarily restricted all travel. Instead, we are encouraging employees to engage with each other, customers and partners through a variety of communication and collaboration tools.

We have instructed all employees on proper hygiene and social distancing to protect themselves and others in their communities. Additionally, we are sanitizing our facilities daily for essential employees.

We continue to staff each of our data centers to ensure 24x7x365 service and management of customer requests.

Our Level 1 employees can answer calls and support customers from any location, without interruption.

We have temporarily discontinued in-person company events and meetings, and we are exploring opportunities for virtual events.

How We Can Help

We’ve put together resources to help you support remote employees, scale to demand and manage costs.

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Additional Resources

Check back often as we continue to add new resources and insights to help you navigate the now.

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