Do’s, Don’ts and Data Centers: Rightsizing your Data Center

Now’s the time to look at your current cloud environment – starting with your data center.

Cut Costs. Optimize Deployments. Streamline Resources. In partnership with Microsoft, our latest webinar highlights how the right planning can help you cut costs and optimize your cloud deployments as you transition to the cloud.

As part of the Webinar, you’ll get answers to some of the key questions you may encounter as you migrate to the cloud.

  • How do I right-size our data center needs?
  • How do I know if we’re making the appropriate architecture decisions to build my environment in the cloud?
  • How can I be sure we’re not paying for resources I don’t need?
  • How can I ensure that we’re taking full advantage of the cloud capabilities available to us?
  • How can I get help with time-consuming assessments, management and migration?

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