Managing the Multi-Cloud Challenge

In a technology area as fast-moving as the cloud, there’s no shortage of trends and fashions. Some are fleeting and others have real staying power.

Count the move to multi-cloud among the latter—it’s big now and is only going to grow in scope and importance. In the words of IDC, being multi-cloud is “the new normal.”1

What makes today’s multi-cloud strategies different is the reliance on multiple public cloud providers (i.e., using a combination of AWS, Azure, Google, etc.), the use of the same services from multiple providers (i.e., infrastructure as a service or platform as a service from both AWS and Azure) and the essential role that these play in organizational IT strategies.

In this white paper, we take a closer look at the multi-cloud phenomenon, the supply and demand factors that guarantee it’s here to stay, and what Navisite can do to help you make the most of a multi-cloud strategy.

1 Multicloud is the New Normal: An IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Cisco, March 2018

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