Choose the managed hosting enterprise IT teams around the world trust most.

Today’s enterprises are constantly seeking new and smarter ways to manage IT infrastructure, and for many IT teams, managed services cloud computing and managed hosting services are the answer. With superior managed hosting, enterprise IT departments can better meet IT requirements by rapidly provisioning additional hardware, and outsourcing middleware application support to a managed hosting provider. When choosing a managed cloud provider for superior managed hosting, enterprise IT teams around the world turn to Navisite.

Navisite offers managed hosting enterprise IT departments rely on to streamline IT management.

Navisite provides state-of-the-art managed hosting that enterprise IT administrators around the world rely on to optimize mission-critical IT infrastructure and outsource routine infrastructure maintenance and management. With Navisite managed hosting, enterprise IT teams can spend less time upgrading, configuring and managing hardware, middleware and applications and more time focusing on the strategic priorities to help move the business forward.

Navisite managed hosting enterprise services include:

  • Managed Database services that include implementation, database administration, optimization, support, maintenance and disaster recovery of business-critical databases.
  • Managed Storage services including a variety of cloud and hybrid cloud services for business-critical data, production data and archived data.
  • Managed Security services that are fully monitored and managed 24/7/365 and integrated seamlessly into the broader Navisite hosting cloud environments.
  • Managed Network services that include data protection and disaster recovery as well as a team of IT experts to help safeguard data, minimize downtime and enable in-house IT professionals to focus on more critical business objectives.
  • Managed Web Server services including implementing, configuring, monitoring, maintaining, upgrading and patching for Web servers hosted within Navisite data centers.
  • Managed Server services with a team of Navisite experts and solutions for reliable, scalable management of physical and virtual servers that help to reduce costs, improve availability and simplify the server lifecycle.
  • Managed Application and Middleware Server services for servers hosted within Navisite data centers, including implementation, monitoring, maintenance, configuration, patching and upgrades.
  • Colocation services for businesses in a variety of industry verticals, providing dependable environments to house business-critical applications, websites and other network services.

Benefits of Navisite’s managed hosting for enterprise IT departments.

With Navisite managed hosting, enterprise IT departments can:

  • Maintain close control of hardware, bandwidth and other resources while offloading the headaches of routine maintenance and problem-solving to Navisite’s team of managed hosting experts.
  • Improve efficiency and increase value of your IT staff members by enabling them to work on more strategic priorities that can move the business forward.
  • Lower the cost of IT by eliminating up-front capital investments and reducing the cost of power consumption, heating, cooling and real estate.
  • Improve application performance and respond easily to requirements for greater scalability and reliability.

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