RDX Announces clckwrk Refactoring Service that Enables Customers to Migrate Applications Off Oracle and Onto Amazon Aurora

Washington, D.C.  June 11, 2019 (From AWS Summit) – RDX, one of the largest independent providers of managed database and cloud services, today announced availability of its new clckwrk Refactoring Service for Oracle, which enables clients to efficiently migrate applications that use Oracle databases to Amazon Aurora, the AWS cloud-optimized version of the PostgreSQL open-source relational database. 

For decades, organizations worldwide that chose Oracle as their database of record have been “locked in,” meaning that it was too complex and disruptive to move off of Oracle to other database options. This left them virtually helpless when Oracle implemented ever-more aggressive and expensive licensing regimes and maintenance costs. Today, with many Oracle customers seeking to migrate to cloud database implementations, it opens a natural opportunity for them to also migrate workloads off Oracle and onto Amazon Aurora, so they can gain similar enterprise-grade database performance and features while simultaneously benefiting from the transparent, “pay-as-you-go”  open-source business model. 

Refactoring is the process by which developers re-code applications and adjust database schemas, and it is a requirement for migrating off Oracle and other relational databases and onto Amazon Aurora. The RDX clckwrk Refactoring Service for Oracle can reduce IT staff involvement in refactoring projects by 80% or more, making a seemingly enormous project manageable. 

“Many Oracle customers do not realize that change is possible,” said James Ball, chief strategy officer of clckwrk, an RDX company. “In many cases, refactoring is the chief impediment to migrating applications off Oracle, due to the number of staff hours required. Our new refactoring service eliminates this impediment for companies, enabling them to migrate some or all of their applications off Oracle and onto Amazon Aurora.”

RDX clckwrk also provides services for migrating Oracle directly to the cloud, and for ongoing application and database management. For more information, visit the RDX clckwrk website.