RDX G5 Database-as-a-Service Platform Available for Direct Purchase Online

Pittsburgh, Pa. − May 21, 2019 – RDX, one of the largest independent providers of managed database and cloud services, today announced that its G5 database-as-a-service (DBaaS) software platform is now available for direct purchase online. Using the Azure Marketplace or the RDX website, enterprises can quickly and easily purchase G5 and begin their DBaaS deployments in a faster, more efficient manner.

G5, developed by the recently acquired ClearDB, is a software-delivery platform that combines automation and provisioning capabilities to give subscribers control, visibility and cost management over their DBaaS implementations in the public cloud. It supports all major cloud platforms (including AWS and Azure) and commercial and open source databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

The direct purchase of G5 is another customer-focused convenience developed by RDX, following the recent expansion of its online marketplace for Oracle database to AWS Cloud migration tools. This marketplace offers a series of pre-configured images that enable efficient cloud migrations and can save significant time while complementing the current skillset of an IT staff.

“RDX is committed to providing customers with the exact level of support they require – from ‘do it yourself’ tools for migration and management, to end-to-end consulting and managed services, and everything in between,” said Gina Murphy, president and COO, RDX. “This intense focus on customer needs will drive everything RDX does moving forward as we continue to expand our tool and service portfolio.”

The G5 DBaaS Solution 

When enterprises migrate databases to the cloud, they typically must execute hundreds of tasks over a period of weeks, just to get a single database working properly. With its automation capabilities, G5 condenses that process to 20 minutes or less, while providing additional management capabilities. G5 also enables database management across multiple clouds, through a single user interface.

“IT organizations need to move quickly to meet business demands and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for those that know what they need and also want to start their DBaaS migration right away,” said Cashton Coleman, chief technology officer of ClearDB, an RDX company. “Organizations can easily deploy, monitor, provision and scale their favorite databases on AWS and Azure in minutes with a few simple clicks.”

The G5 Platform gives database administrators an easy way to manage and optimize their DBaaS implementations, providing capabilities including:

  • Comprehensive real-time provisioning for activating and deactivating services.
  • Integrated backup functionality.
  • Detailed billing and reporting, enabling subscribers to accurately bill back different database users, projects and departments for their actual consumption of resources.
  • Management and tuning functionality through existing database management tools.
  • System telemetry, fault detection, failover capabilities and more.
  • Configurable deployment templates for internal company IT catalogs.

G5 is available through customers’ existing cloud subscriptions or can be hosted by RDX as a DBaaS service. For more information, visit https://www.rdx.com/services/g5-database-service