Proving the Performance of Oracle Exadata-Based Workloads on AWS

For many businesses, the final step of public cloud adoption often comes down to migrating complex, mission-critical systems—like Oracle Exadata.

Today, 86% of the Fortune Global 100 rely on the Exadata platform to run and manage their Oracle databases. And while these workloads perform well on-premises, businesses are increasingly considering a migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to realize scalability, flexibility, and cost benefits.

Due to the complexity of Exadata workloads, however, IT teams struggle to chart their migration path to the cloud, often causing them to halt the project altogether and delay digital transformation.

In an AWS Partner Network (APN) blog post, Tom Monk, Navisite’s Director of Cloud Product Management, explains how organizations can overcome this problem by proving the same high performance of Exadata workloads on AWS through the process of Oracle Real Application Testing (RAT).

Read the full blog post on APN here.

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