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5 Database Refactoring Misconceptions... Busted!

Database refactoring is one of those topics that raises numerous questions and concerns, and it’s easy to see why: it requires greater upfront investment and coding expertise to switch to a database engine that runs more efficiently in the cloud. That said, it’s also the path the will allow you to fully reap the rewards of the cloud. Over the years, it’s earned somewhat of a reputation as being overly complex and difficult, which can make it hard to assess whether this option is right for your business. Learn what’s really going on—and the reality behind five common misconceptions. 
Download this eBook to get:
  • An overview of database refactoring and its challenges 
  • Why IT teams may choose against refactoring even when it make sense
  • A look at key benefits gained by refactoring—performance, costs, agility and more
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