Assess and Design

Build a customized security strategy and roadmap based on your unique risk profile and requirements.

Build a more secure, resilient business.

With Navisite’s Assess and Design services, we’ll work with key stakeholders on your team to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing security posture. We’ll identify cloud, network, application and physical security gaps, as well as your most pressing business-specific risks. Based on these findings, we’ll design a customized security plan that aligns with your unique risk profile and technical and budgetary requirements. We’ll help you plug existing security holes and incorporate tools and services that will actually have an impact on your business—no more wasted money on ineffective point solutions. Build a more secure and resilient business while reducing risk across your organization.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Global Expertise

Our global team consists of highly specialized security experts with decades of experience helping customers build customized security strategies.

Security by Design

Our security specialists help you implement “security by design” features throughout every layer of IT – cloud, infrastructure, application, database and physical environments.

Best Practices

We have 20+ years of experience implementing robust security measures in customer environments—using proven cloud and network design best practices.

Customer Commitment

Maintaining stringent security requires vigilance and we’re committed to supporting you with an approach that can adjusted and scaled to your business.

Navisite’s Assess and Design Services Include

Access to a global team of highly skilled security and technology experts
Internal and external PEN testing
Assessment workshop to gain an understanding of your existing IT estate and security posture, along with business-specific risks
Image hardening, code review and network design best practices
Security analysis at the network, application, database and physical levels
Perimeter security, surveillance and access controls
Security design at the cloud, infrastructure, application, database and physical levels
Virtual CISO to provide guidance and help identify and remediate risk within your organization