Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business

Microsoft® has built some of the most preeminent business messaging platforms, to date. Leveraging Navisite’s hosted and managed services, modern enterprises can extract the full potential from their Microsoft messaging and collaboration resources, while neither impeding operations nor requiring a bloated budget.

With Navisite’s Managed Collaboration Suite of enterprise-class managed IT services, organizations can leverage a predictable, OpEx-based cost structure for efficient management and maintenance of their Exchange, SharePoint® and Skype® for Business environments, uniquely suited to their individual business requirements. Leveraging Navisite’s cloud-based asset delivery, our hosted service for Microsoft communications resources can provide you with reliable, on-demand access to the latest Microsoft software.

Navisite’s Managed Collaboration Suite for Microsoft can provide companies the potential to cut costs compared to more-traditional in-house implementations without similar risk of obsolescence, and without the up-front capital investment. Additionally, end-users can benefit from access to the full functionality of the latest versions of Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint software with premier security and resiliency capabilities.

Navisite’s dedicated army of experts helps to ensure you receive the integrity, performance and security necessary to operate as a modern enterprise. Our team manages, monitors and maintains your critical Microsoft messaging resources to ensure you maintain peak performance without wasted financial expense or sacrificing opportunity cost of human resources.

Because technology assets live and evolve within state-of-the-art, Tier 3 data centers around the globe, our enterprise clients can benefit from virtually anywhere, anytime access to business-critical messaging and collaboration resources, with built-in resiliency and performance standards targeting an array of industry compliance and regulatory standards.

Subject to change without notice. Not all services are available in all areas. Some restrictions apply.