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Create a foundation for blockchain-led transformation with scalable infrastructure and services.

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Build trust with blockchain.

Blockchain is one of the most powerful enablers of the digital world, creating trust and proof of authenticity between entities and across networks. Because data cannot be altered or tampered with, organizations across industries are leveraging blockchain for things like tracking product history, managing NFT marketplaces, authenticating transactions and documenting supply chain movements and traceability.

Navisite’s Blockchain Services provide expertise and technical support to help you create and manage your blockchain network. Our experts build highly scalable infrastructure in any computing environment that fits within your technical and financial requirements—from planning and design through deployment and ongoing management of blockchain-based ledgers and systems. Record, track and build trust across your enterprise and supply networks with blockchain infrastructure and services that are tailored to your business.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Deep Expertise

Our experts possess dual expertise in blockchain technology and infrastructure services to help you get the most out of your investment.

24x7 Coverage

We provide around-the-clock coverage for your blockchain ledgers and infrastructure, so you benefit from maximum uptime and reliability.

Maximum Scalability

We’ll build agile IT infrastructures that quickly and easily scale with demand and respond to change.

Technology Agnostic Partner

Our team provides trusted, unbiased expertise across applications, systems, databases, platforms and cloud providers.

Navisite's Blockchain Services Include

  • Recommendations on the right blockchain technologies and infrastructure setup for your business
  • Blockchain infrastructure and technology design, development and deployment
  • Containerization of software and deployment to production environments
  • Ongoing management and maintenance of blockchain ledgers and supporting infrastructure

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