NaviCloud® DaaS Sensitive Data Services

For organizations operating under strict or complex compliance and regulatory standards, the security of sensitive data, and operational transparency in support of audits and governance, is paramount. Sensitive Data Services for NaviCloud® DaaS provide customized delivery and support options on top of Navisite’s flagship Desktop-as-a-Service virtualization solution to help address these unique requirements. 

Powered by VMware®, NaviCloud DaaS represents one of the most versatile platforms for device-agnostic cloud delivery of desktop resources. Two-factor authentication for system admins and encryption of all user sessions helps ensure only authorized users have access to your virtual desktops and sensitive data. All data stored within NaviCloud DaaS is also encrypted, with encrypted backup and anti-virus available as add-ons for Navisite-managed systems.

Configurations to Help Address your Digital Security Needs

Protecting sensitive data assets, while enabling secure access to such resources, can be a challenging task. Many organizations have capable resources on-staff, while others may require additional support from expert service providers.

To accomplish this, Navisite offers optional DaaS ecosystem configurations to accommodate your organization’s preferences for service management. Your organization may seek to take on management of the desktop ecosystem in-house (client-controlled) or opt to leverage the dedicated expertise of Navisite and its expert service partners (Navisite-controlled).

Enterprise-Class Security 

Navisite employs industry-standard physical security procedures for access to the data center, with strict visitor procedures and comprehensive security measures present in our multi-national Tier 3 data centers. For organizations that require log retention, Navisite captures logs on all Navisite-controlled systems within NaviCloud DaaS, and then stores them in a centralized audit log repository for eighteen months, on a rolling basis.

Digital Protection and Awareness Delivering Insight You Need

Maintaining a resilient DaaS environment requires more than strict physical security. Organizations must be both proactive and responsive to shield themselves from virtual desktop vulnerabilities.  Sensitive Data Services for NaviCloud DaaS provide protection from rogue wireless access, with additional solutions available for Navisite-controlled systems, including:

  • Internal and External Vulnerability Scans
  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • File Integrity Monitoring

Elevating Virtualization Standards from the Ground Up

For many organizations, business hinges on data security, such as Healthcare companies entrusted with Patient Health Information (PHI) and Electronic Health Records (EHRs), it is critical to ensure that the foundation of desktop operations (operating systems and applications, are secure and optimized. To better address crucial regulatory requirements, Sensitive Data Services for NaviCloud DaaS can be enhanced with:

  • Hardened Operating System (OS) Builds
  • OS Patch Management
  • Hardened Applications
  • Application Patch Management 

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