NaviCloud Desktops

Navisite named VMware Americas and Global Service Provider Partner of the Year 2015NaviCloud® Desktops enables end-users with a persistent Windows desktop instance in the Cloud. With this DaaS service, the enterprise can quickly and easily disseminate business-critical desktop resources to end-users, allowing for full-featured desktop capabilities; this means no hindrance to productivity and a drastic increase in efficiency.

NaviCloud Desktops’ always-on, device-agnostic construction allows users a completely customized and familiar Windows desktop experience from virtually any device, as well as a persistent desktop instance which maintains its status and integrity between each log-in, so users’ desktop and application preferences are upheld.

The NaviCloud Desktops DaaS service allows enterprises to more-efficiently address the tasks which have proven to be costly impediments to enterprise IT performance. NaviCloud Desktops can simplify human resource-intensive projects like compliance and security enforcement or new hire and contract resource provisioning by centralizing administration and management within a single streamlined portal. With NaviCloud Desktops, enterprises can take steps necessary to safeguard technology and intellectual assets against compromise, without increased capital expenditure.

With NaviCloud DaaS, organizations may also elect to leverage solid-state drive (SSD) technologies to further improve performance, offering direct influence on the efficiency and operations of critical workgroups.

As part of the NaviCloud DaaS suite of services, NaviCloud Desktops may be the appropriate choice for your enterprise organization after answering a few critical questions:


  • A complete, persistent, Windows desktop experience in the Cloud
  • Uses either existing client desktop licensing capabilities or Navisite-provided Microsoft Server images
  • High-performing on either dedicated or multi-tenant hardware


  • Companies performing desktop replacement, enabling shared terminals or provisioning contract workers
  • Those implementing BYOD policies or fostering a remote and mobile workforce
  • Those extending critical resources and digital assets into the Cloud for enhanced resiliency and security
  • Enterprises seeking centralized regulatory, compliance and governance controls


  • NaviCloud Desktops provides end-users a complete Windows desktop experience at each log in, allowing access to the files, applications and resources they need most, in the setting that’s most familiar to them – all controlled and secured by Internal IT through a centralized and comprehensive management portal.

To experience NaviCloud DaaS for 14 days, with no commitment, check out our NaviCloud DaaS free trial.

Subject to change without notice. Not all services are available in all areas. Some restrictions apply.

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