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Data Architecture & Design

Build a modern data architecture that empowers business innovation and growth.

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Accelerate your digital journey with data.

How you store, access, analyze and act on data lies at the core of any successful digital transformation strategy. Navisite’s Data Architecture & Design Services help organizations build modern data architectures that empower users and drive business innovation, growth and agility. Our team of experts will evaluate your existing data ecosystem to identify best-fit data warehousing, data lakes, data integration and migration tools and technologies to support the needs of your business—with the ability to scale and adapt to changing requirements. Whether you decide to manage your data in private, hybrid, public or multi-cloud environments, we’ll help you create a tailored data architecture that powers your core operational, analytical and high-performance processes to support how teams work and collaborate across your enterprise.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Adaptable, Scalable Architecture

Create a more efficient data architecture that adapts to the needs of multiple types of users and business workflows.

Data Architecture Advisory Services

Work with a trusted partner that provides unbiased guidance and expertise on your best-fit data strategy and solutions.

Modular, Best-of-Breed Approach

Move beyond legacy systems to incorporate best-of-breed technologies and platforms that deliver the results you need.

Increased Visibility and Governance

Ensure 24x7 on-demand access to data that aligns with your corporate governance, security and compliance requirements.

Navisite’s Data Architecture & Design Services Include

  • 24/7 access to a global team of data architects with 20+ years of experience and expertise across cloud technologies and platforms, including AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI
  • Data architecture assessment to determine existing data structure and ecosystem and user requirements
  • Data architecture design, roadmap development and implementation services
  • Expertise to identify the optimal architecture for storing, accessing and accelerating data transfer—including data warehouses, data lakes and more
  • Data integration services delivering a single unified view of data and automated ETL services across disparate sources and structure types
  • IaaS and PaaS migration expertise to build modern data cloud architectures while reducing risk, complexity and technical debt associated with legacy infrastructure

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