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Database Services

Transform your databases and grow your business with services customized to your needs.

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Turn your databases into differentiators.

Your databases are at the core of your business. Whether you’re operating on-premises or in the cloud, using a traditional or open-source platform, our global experts are available around the clock to help you turn your databases into a business differentiator. We offer a full range of solutions to support your needs—from assuming total ownership of your database environment to augmenting your internal team to helping you refactor for the cloud. We have the expertise, experience and breadth of services you need to build and maintain powerful databases that fuel your business.

Overview of Database Services

7 Claims About Managed DBA Services Debunked

Find out the reality behind these concerns and how the right partner can make all the difference.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Proven Expertise

Benefit from Navisite's decades of experience managing customer environments, including 1 million databases deployed in the cloud.

24x7 Coverage

Get 24x7x365 support from dedicated DBA experts with a deep understanding of your database and application environments.

Maximum ROI

Enhance database performance and get the most out of your IT investments with Navisite’s customized services.

Technology Agnostic

Partner with a trusted, unbiased solutions provider with expertise across all systems and platforms.

Strategic Partnerships

Take advantage of our partnerships with leading database and cloud vendors, such as Amazon, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle.

High-Touch Relationships

Work with a provider that goes beyond business transactions to form close, trusted partnerships that accelerate customers’ IT transformation goals.

Navisite's Database Services Include

  • Team of highly skilled, technology-agnostic database experts with decades of experience
  • Comprehensive support, including installation and configuration, incident management and troubleshooting, performance monitoring and tuning, reporting and more
  • Database migration services, from pre-migration assessments through migration and post-deployment support
  • 24x7x365 to help migrate, manage and monitor database environments
  • Flexible, fully managed database services across platforms in your environment or in the cloud
  • Database refactoring services to help you move to an open-source database in the cloud of your choice or from one proprietary system to another

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