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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Keep your systems and applications up and running no matter what life throws at you with Navisite’s disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

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Take the guesswork out of disaster recovery.

The growth of ransomware and cyberattacks not only puts your sensitive data and assets at risk, it raises the stakes for disaster recovery. It’s no longer enough to back up your data—you need a program in place that provides full recoverability should things go wrong. Navisite’s disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) provides the resources to ensure that all your critical physical and virtual IT workloads are protected. We work with you to understand the intricacies of your infrastructure and application environment, so we can create a disaster recovery plan that’s optimized for your unique business, security and compliance challenges. Get reliable, near-instant recovery for all your workloads, and a solution that supports replication of your enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle and Infor, as well as third-party software, legacy applications, homegrown applications and common applications.

Why Partner with Navisite for DRaaS?

Rapid Recovery

Ensure a rapid recovery from fully replicated and tested standby environments.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Significantly reduce your costs with pay-as-you-go pricing vs. the traditional long-term software and hardware licensing fees.

Best-in-Class Security

Meet your most stringent security and compliance requirements to protect your business.

Deep Expertise

Gain access to hundreds of Navisite's certified experts across today's leading clouds.

Navisite's Disaster Recovery Services (DRaaS) Include

  • Self-service, assisted and fully managed DRaaS offerings
  • On-premises, VM-to-cloud or VM-to-VM options, in full cloud or hybrid setups
  • Support that delivers clarity and full accountability, with industry-leading response times and financially backed SLAs.
  • Automated cloud DR solution that ensures you'll meet stringent RPO and RTO requirements
  • Reliability with a solution that ensures your applications will automatically recover from service disruptions, and that business-critical applications will experience minimal downtime during a contingency
  • Ability to scale up and down as needed for greater flexibility
  • Services for every phase of disaster recovery, from infrastructure assessment to setup to ongoing management
  • Multi-location redundancy that can be implemented between on-premises and the cloud, across different regions and across different cloud providers
  • Monitoring via Navisite’s cloud management tool that provisions workloads in hours and provides web-based control with a centralized management console

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