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Accelerate your cloud deployments with Navisite's high-speed database for MySQL-powered applications.

Get started with Navisite on Heroku.

Navisite on Heroku allows you to build apps using native MySQL databases so that you can focus on your applications and getting ideas to market faster. Getting started with Navisite is easy and only takes a few minutes. Combined with our intelligent clustering technology and secure design, we bring stable, powerful zero-administration MySQL database services to Heroku, so you can maximize your revenue, without maximizing your IT budget.

Why Use Heroku Marketplace?

Increased Efficiency

Save time with an easy setup that only takes a few minutes.

Improved Availability

Minimize database failures with highly available technology.

Customizable Options

Enjoy the flexibility of scaling up your database easily and on-demand.

Navisite in Heroku Marketplace Includes

Easy set up with quick time to deployment
Ability to build apps using native MySQL databases
Multi-regional, highly available technology to reduce risk of downtime
Flexibility to scale up your database fast and easily with a single command
Access to Navisite’s native, unmodified SQL, reducing the need to re-tune or rewrite apps when migrating
Experienced, knowledgeable support to get the help you need, when you need it

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