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Hybrid Cloud

Take a hybrid approach that delivers the best of both public cloud and private cloud environments to transform your business.

Let us help you optimize your cloud mix.

Navisite provides consulting, implementation and management services for customers that want to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy. Our cloud experts can help you develop a best-fit approach for your business, so you can ensure maximum control over your most sensitive systems in the private cloud, while gaining economies of scale in the public cloud for everything else.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Increased ROI

Reap the rewards of a hybrid cloud strategy to get a maximum return on your investment.

Lower Costs

Reduce your capital expenditures while getting staff out of the “infrastructure game."

Innovation Focus

Focus on innovation, not your infrastructure, with fully managed cloud services.

Unbiased Expertise

Get unbiased expertise to help you adopt the best hybrid cloud strategy and solutions for your business.

Navisite's Hybrid Cloud Services Include

Cloud readiness assessment, design and planning
Database and application refactoring
Cloud migration services
Cloud optimization services
Cloud governance and service management platform
Proactive monitoring and incident response
Data resilience replication, backups, disaster recovery, etc.
Networking, load balancing and firewall management
Comprehensive security management
Regulatory compliance solutions
VMware optimization

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