Managed NaviCloud®

Over the past 15 years, Navisite’s experts have optimized our Managed NaviCloud platform to offer the complete functionality of VMware’s powerful hypervisor via Navisite’s streamlined, Proximity client portal. The platform supports maximum compatibility with our array of enterprise-grade, managed services.

Managed NaviCloud clients receive dependable cloud servers, storage, networks, bandwidth and more with 24/7/365 Navisite monitoring and management—without sacrificing visibility, security or functionality. Navisite’s experts handle many of the critical, but time-consuming, tactical aspects of maintaining cloud infrastructure, allowing your core IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives and business innovation.  

Key Managed NaviCloud Benefits

  • Unleash your internal IT teams to focus on strategic goals. 
  • Trust routine management and maintenance to Navisite’s experts.
  • Maximize application configurations with flexible network architectures. 
  • Decrease capital expense (CapEx) via a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Enabling Complex Workflows 

Considering Managed NaviCloud is provisioned into one of Navisite’s own enterprise-grade data centers in either the US or UK, we can also provide Managed Hosting of physical servers from the same facility in which your NaviCloud resources are located. This configuration can help enable low-latency solutions for even complex workflows.

Employing a Hybrid Cloud Management Approach

You don’t have to choose from 100% Managed Cloud or Self-Service Cloud. For example, clients often use Self-Service Cloud for test/dev, and then transition workloads to Managed Cloud when they’re ready for production. 

Similarly, while transitioning all workloads to the cloud is a common goal, in the near-term a hybrid approach is often practical. For example, an organization may opt to keep a difficult-to-transition workload in its legacy data center, while migrating all other workloads. 

Managed Data Protection Solutions

Whether your workloads and data are deployed on bare metal, in the cloud or a hybrid environment, add-on Navisite Managed Data Protection Solutions can protect your digital assets. Navisite's experts can manage the critical, but time consuming aspects of data protection, such as diagnosing failures, testing backups, and initiating restores. Working as an extension of your team, our experts, can free your core IT teams from the drudgery of IT maintenance.


Please contact us to learn more about how Managed NaviCloud can be a part of your organization’s IT solutions portfolio.


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