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With a wide range of pre-configured Navisite images optimized to run on AWS, you can save time and reduce costs when moving your on-premises Oracle databases to the AWS Cloud. Our images are optimized to run on AWS and proven in deployments across hundreds of organizations.

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Getting Started

Navisite’s AWS Marketplace provides a robust selection of Navisite’s pre-configured Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that are ready to run on AWS, so you can save time and reduce costs when migrating your on-premises Oracle databases to the AWS Cloud.

Navisite currently offer 200+ publicly available images on the AWS Marketplace. The subscription process for an example offering can be found below.

On the product offering page, select ‘Continue to Subscribe.’

Read through the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and then click to accept the terms.

You have now successfully subscribed to our AWS Marketplace offering product. Repeat this process for each product you would like to use.

After approximately two minutes, refresh your screen, and you’ll see a ‘Continue to Configuration’ tab on the top right hand of the screen.

Click the ‘Continue to Configuration’ tab.

From this screen, you can select variables that are specific to your current setup (i.e., which region you would like the instance deployed into).

Click ‘Continue to Launch’ once you are happy with the setup.

From the screen above, you can select the target instance type, destination VPC, subnets and security groups.

Once again, if you are happy with the setup, click ‘Launch.’

You have now successfully launched an EC2 server using one of our AWS Marketplace offerings.

Breaking Down Billing

Charges for using images from the AWS Marketplace are added to your monthly AWS bill – it’s as simple as that!

Charges for using AWS Marketplace images are on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis, so you will be charged for only as much as you use – similar to how you are charged with AWS PAYG services. We do offer discounts for longer subscription periods. If this is of interest, get in touch with us and ask for a ‘Private Offer.’ You can email us at

Because the AWS Marketplace is Pay As You Go, you can simply stop using the services at any time. Any charges up to that point will be added to your regular AWS monthly bill.

All the AWS Marketplace offerings are Bring Your Own License (BYOL). Licenses will need to be procured through Oracle or a certified third party. Detailed information on Oracle Licensing for AWS can be found here:

Getting Technical

To connect to a newly launched AMI, use an SSH client to connect to your instance (putty). The username will be either ‘ec2-user’ or ‘clckwrk’ – you can determine which one by viewing the instructions tab of your chosen product. You will then be able to change the user to root using the following command: sudo su –

For more information on accessing instances using an SSH client, please refer to the following AWS documentation:

To update the system kernel on an EC2 server, use an SSH client to connect to your instance (putty). Once connected, switch to the root user by issuing the following command: sudo su –

To install the latest kernel available, issue the following command: yum -y upgrade kernel

You can reboot the server using the following command: reboot -n

Finally, log back into the server to validate the latest kernel is being used.

You can add Oracle to the wheel group by running the following command as the root user: usermod –aG wheel oracle

You can then switch to the root user using the following command: sudo su –

Requesting Additional Support

Yes. We offer a private service level that is customized based on the customer’s migration and SLA requirements through the AWS ‘Private Offer’ scheme. This enables us to tailor our services to accommodate exactly what you need. To learn more, email us at

Absolutely. Navisite’s team of skilled consultants have the expertise and experience to help you complete your Oracle-to-AWS migrations quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We can provide any level of service—enabling you to offload any part of your project or your entire project to our team. Email us at to learn about our professional services offerings.

Connecting with Navisite

If you’re seeking an answer to a question not listed within this FAQ, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We add images based on how many requests we get for them. Please reach out to, and we’ll let you know when new images are coming up.

To request additional support or services from Navisite, please email us at

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