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Purchase Navisite's DBaaS on the Azure marketplace and get started today on your journey to the cloud.

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You can purchase Navisite’s fully managed database as a service (DBaaS) software platform online and begin your deployments quickly and efficiently. Our platform combines automation and provisioning capabilities to give subscribers control, visibility and cost management over DBaaS implementations in the public cloud. We supports all major cloud platforms and commercial and open source databases.

Why Use Azure Marketplace?

Flexible Solutions

Enjoy the flexibility of getting the exact level of support you require.

One-Click Deployment

Save time with one-click deployment for Azure databases.

Enhanced Productivity

Complement the skills of your IT staff with our tools and platform.

Navisite in Azure Marketplace Includes

Access to a full range of support offerings, from DIY tools for migration and management to end-to-end consulting and managed services
Support for all popular relational databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL
Ability to fork, copy, and roll back your database using the Navisite DBaaS snapshot and backup features.
Timely alerts when database thresholds are reached
One-click configuration management to easily scale
Insight into how your database is performing with comprehensive telemetry reporting and alerts
Highly granular cost management reporting for increased visibility into cloud spend

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