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Oracle-to-AWS Migrations

Eliminate the pain points of legacy infrastructure by migrating Oracle databases and applications to AWS.

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Migrate to the cloud with an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner.

Managing and maintaining on-premises environments is expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you’re ready to move your complex on-premises Oracle databases and applications to the cloud, we’re here to help you execute a seamless Oracle to AWS migration. As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, with more than a decade of experience migrating and managing Oracle databases and applications, we’ll help you throughout every phase of your journey. From a pre-migration assessment and cost analysis through platform recommendations, testing, migration support and beyond, we provide the expertise, guidance and services you need to move to the cloud with confidence.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Specialized Expertise

Obtain guidance from an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with extensive real-world experience—300+ Oracle-to-cloud migrations.

IT Transformation

Say goodbye to legacy environments and exploit the power of AWS to transform your business.

Customized Migration Services

Pair Navisite’s proven methodology to Oracle migrations with services and support options customized to your specific needs.

Optimized Spend

Optimize your cloud spend by right-sizing your workloads in AWS and leveraging flexible pricing models.

Performance Assurance

Remain confident that Oracle workloads will work as intended and meet performance criteria in AWS with Navisite’s pre-migration Proof of Concept (PoC) testing.

Strong Partnerships

Benefit from Navisite's Oracle Gold Partner and AWS Premier Tier Services Partner status – a rare combination in the industry.

Navisite’s Oracle-to-AWS Migration Services Include

  • Dedicated Oracle specialists that will quickly and efficiently assess your cloud needs, develop a comprehensive migration plan and lead you through the cloud migration lifecycle
  • Assessment workshop to understand your migration objectives, challenges and concerns—gain an overview of your existing IT estate and identify Oracle workloads for migration
  • Comprehensive TCO report that includes platform recommendations, architecture schematics, Oracle licensing impact, AWS monthly cost and migration estimate
  • Proof of concept (POC) testing to ensure migrations meet your performance, capacity, speed, or other criteria—usually completed within eight weeks or less
  • Expertise and support to migrate and modernize Oracle applications and databases on the cloud with AWS-managed database services: Amazon RDS for Oracle and Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle
  • Cloud-native solutions tailored to the specific IT environment, including clones, backups, disaster recovery and other operations to optimize infrastructure costs and recovery times
  • Teams with specialized Oracle migration and AWS architecture knowledge, so you can make full use of features on AWS and optimize your Oracle workloads
  • Additional services available to provide ongoing monitoring, cost optimization and support for AWS environments

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