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PostgreSQL as a Service

Deploy, monitor, provision and scale PostgreSQL in the cloud with Navisite's database as a service (DBaaS) options.

Easily deploy PostgreSQL to the cloud.

Navisite’s PostgreSQL database as a service (DBaaS) delivers the most efficient and secure cloud platform for provisioning and maintaining your PostgreSQL databases on AWS or Azure. Through a combination of cloud management, advanced automation and turnkey DBA services, Navisite DBaaS delivers the storage capacity, database management, monitoring and support you need to grow your business—and free your IT teams to focus on other projects. Our self-serve DBaaS lets you deploy and configure PostgreSQL on AWS or Azure in a matter of minutes with all the same advanced automation and management tools available in our fully managed service, so you can quickly and easily get your PostgreSQL databases up and running.

Why Partner with Navisite for DBaaS?

Improved Database Performance

Improve performance and enhance quality of service with faster, more powerful applications, failover protection and zero downtime.

Scalability on Demand

Scale on demand by deploying PostgreSQL databases anytime, anywhere in the world, to the AWS or Azure cloud in minutes with real-time provisioning.

Reduced Costs

Reduce costs by 30% (vs. in-house resources) by gaining access to enterprise-level database management, monitoring and security tools.

Innovation Focus

Focus on innovation by fully automating database monitoring, management and maintenance, giving your team the time to develop new ideas.

Navisite's PostgreSQL DBaaS Includes

Cloud automation
On-demand PostgreSQL provisioning
Advanced security
Backup and recovery
Simple, easy user experience
Monitoring and analytics
24x7x365 best-in-class support
Flexible service plans
Multi-cloud support
License compliance

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