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Private Cloud

Ensure superior management, scalabiity and security for your IT systems with Navisite’s Private Cloud Service.

Get better IT control, while freeing your teams.

For customers not yet ready to make the leap to the public cloud, Navisite’s experts provide a powerful combination of on-premises-caliber control with on-demand scalability, delivered through a global network of data centers. Our VMware-managed Private Cloud Service relieves customers from the burdens of routine management and maintenance while delivering optimal configurations and network architectures.

Why Partner with Navisite?

Support for Your Team

Free your internal IT teams from routine tasks so they can focus on strategic goals.

Performance and Availability

Ensure performance, availability and business continuity with our streamlined customer portal.

Disaster Recovery

Improve enterprise resilience with an optimized disaster recovery plan and operations.

Strategic Partnerships

Take advantage of our strategic partnerships with leading cloud vendors, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle.

Navisite's Private Cloud Services Include

Ability to either self-manage or outsource to Navisite
VMware optimization services
Proactive monitoring and incident response
Data resilience replication, backups, DR, etc.
Networking, load balancing and firewall management
Comprehensive security management
Strategic Cloud Partnerships

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